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Fix security check 404 error in your symfony project

The bin/console security:check was recently shutted down by Symfony stakeholders. If you try to use it you will get an error

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Working with bulma sass variables in vue project

To operate with sass variables in vue components you should firstly install node-sass and sass-loader

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How to install Telegram X on iPhone and enable MTProto proxy

You can change proxy settings and switch between proxies via shield button in right corner of Telegram X screen

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Install git-flow plugin for zsh

Here is a great git-flow plugin for zsh. How to install it

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Awesome script for installing PhpStorm , WebStorm, IntelliJ and other JetBrains products in one line on Ubuntu

Now you can install JetBrains products in one line on Ubuntu. Thanks to  zabidok

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How to switch from bash to zsh with Terminator and PhpStorm

Аs the main OS I use Ubuntu with bash. I wanted to change default Unix shell bash to zsh. Zsh is like bash but with blackjack and hookers improvements and new features

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